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Eating fruit and vegetables brings important benefits for the body due to their nutritional values, as they are rich in calcium, iron and energy. Their daily consumption has been shown to help prevent cardiovascular, carcinogenic and gastric diseases, among others, owing to their important organoleptic properties. The nutritional values they provide not only benefit our body but also considerably increase our defences and therefore our health. They also help to enhance sports performance and to prevent common injuries, and of course to improve health and beauty.

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El Ejido Gourmet Quality


Fruit and vegetables contain countless properties and health benefits. Among the most important benefits these foods provide we can mention the fact that vegetables are a healthy source of vitamins, particularly of vitamin C. They also supply high mineral values though fibre, potassium — which contributes to suppressing excess fluids — and magnesium. Their high antioxidant content, in turn, helps to prevent certain cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases, as well as others related to digestive disorders and certain types of cancer. Their healthiest qualities also include their low calorie content, as opposed to the high water content included in their juices. Perhaps one of the most notable features of using and consuming vegetables is that because of the extensive variety available they can be obtained all twelve months of the year.

El Ejido Gourmet Quality


Fruit constitutes an indispensable food group for our health and well-being, especially because of the fibre, vitamins and minerals and the substances with antioxidant action that they contain. Along with vegetables, it is the almost exclusive source of vitamin C. Their great variety and their various organoleptic properties (those we appreciate through the senses, such as taste, smell, colour, texture, etc.), as well as the range of ways they can be prepared, make them products highly appreciated by consumers. Vegetables are low-calorie foods due to their high water content (particularly tomatoes and lettuce). Among the vitamins they contain, B1, B2, B5, vitamin C and carotenoids (which give the vegetable its colour) such as lycopene (a pigment which gives tomatoes their characteristic red colour) are particularly noteworthy.

El Ejido Gourmet Quality


The leading cosmetic companies have always used the natural resources derived from fruit and vegetables to create natural, environmentally-friendly beauty products. There is no better skin solution than that which Mother Nature herself offers us. A balanced diet based on fruit and vegetables can combat dry skin better than a cosmetic full of chemicals or genetically modified organisms, since both fruit and vegetables contain up to 90% water in their composition. Their benefits for the world of beauty are countless. Many of them are already well known, such as the decongestant properties of cucumbers, the luminosity of vitamin C from citrus fruits and the healing power of tomatoes, but there are many others that are still unknown to most of the population. Did you know that there is a whole beauty movement called “fruit therapy”, which offers solutions to any problem our skin may present? There is no need to look any further; the daily contribution of natural beauty can be found in our own environment…

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